Roasted Poblano White Chicken Chili – recipe

Sunday evening as I was cheffing an Oscars Party, my mom texted to say, “I know you’re overwhelmingly swamped, but I need your help.” She is cooking for her book club and wanted to make my White Chicken Chili recipe. It USED to be on my “old” blog. When my blog got migrated over to […]

Vacation & Executive Retreat Chef

In November, 2012, I received an e-mail from a company executive in Illinois. He was planning an Executive Retreat in San Antonio and was looking for a chef to provide dinner Sunday through lunch Wednesday for himself and his colleagues at a rental home in the Hill Country. I submitted a proposal which was quickly accepted, and […]

Cooking Lessons: More than techniques and skills

This past Friday I was feeling really run-down. As I looked in the mirror on my way out the door to the grocery store the eyes staring back at me reflected the fatigue. I considered canceling my lesson and crawling back into bed to catch up on sleep, but I was really looking forward to seeing Irma and […]