40th Birthday Dinner Celebration

At the beginning of May I received an e-mail from a potential client informing me that she’d never hired a personal chef before and was curious about hiring one to celebrate her husband’s 40th birthday with a few of their friends. Of the dates she listed as possibilities, I was only available on one date. I […]

Retirement Dinner Party – Singapore Chilli Crab

Last month I received an inquiry from a young man about cheffing a dinner party for his dad’s retirement. The first criteria for landing this contract was my ability to recreate Singapore Chilli Crab. His dad had traveled to Singapore for business, eaten Singapore’s signature dish, and returned home raving about the crab. It was […]

Home Kitchen Remodel – Part 1

There are piles of kitchen paraphernalia stacked and perched precariously on every surface of the lower level of my house. I could author several stories right now, mimicking the circular story style of Laura Numeroff’s delightful children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  The Snowball Effect is in full force in my life, and it’s really a great thing. […]