Personal Chef – Pricing

Family meals


$295 chef fee plus
actual cost of groceries for 4 complete meals with up to 6 servings of each meal

Single client

Single clients

$240 chef fee
plus actual cost of groceries for 4 complete meals with up to 2 servings of each meal

Romantic Dinner for 2

Romantic Dinner for 2

Starting at $400.00 for 3 courses (groceries included)

Plated Dinners for 3 to 50 guests

Plated Dinners for 3 to 50 guests

Standard 3-4 course plated dinner parties, including groceries, typically average between….

2-4 people $200-$250/pp

5-9 people $150-$200/pp

10-18 people $145-$165/pp

19-24 people $120-$150/pp

25-30 people $100-$145/pp

31-36 people $100-$135/pp

Note: Specialty groceries and super luxurious ingredients will increase the total cost


Buffet for 6 to 200 guests

average $50 to $125 per person (groceries included)

Cocktail parties

Cocktail parties for up to 150 guests

$50 to $150 per person (groceries included)

Children's Cooking Parties

Children’s Cooking Parties

average $50 per child

Invisible Chef

Invisible Chef

Starting at $325 chef fee, plus actual grocery cost

Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building

Starting at $75 per person (groceries included)

Traveling Chef

Traveling Chef

$75/hr chef fee for kitchen time, plus travel expenses and lodging

*The final cost is dependent upon many variables, such as number of guests, menu items, how much handcrafting the menu requires, and the time spent on your party, as well as the necessity for any assistance with larger parties (more than 16 guests for buffet or 6 guests for plated dinners).

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