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This past Friday morning, Nicole and I were up bright and early to prepare food samples for over 300 Meat and Seafood Managers from HEB stores across Texas at the San Antonio J.W. Marriott. We were hired by H & N Group to prepare samples of Wild & Line Caught Alaskan Cod from Alaskan Leader Seafoods. It […]

“We need a Personal Chef to help with dinner.”  This was the opening line of the phone call I received yesterday.  She told me about her frustrations with menu planning, defrosting items safely and in a timely manner, and just not wanting to cook. It’s time to outsource the cooking. “How much will it cost?” I currently charge a […]

I very often want to stamp my feet, take on a Veruca Salt persona and break out into singing, “I WANT IT NOW!” (I’m referring to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, just in case you missed it.) Unfortunately, as we all know, life just doesn’t work that way. It’s not that I’m in a […]