“Lavish to Lite Bites” is now “Lavish Cuisine”

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I very often want to stamp my feet, take on a Veruca Salt persona and break out into singing, “I WANT IT NOW!” (I’m referring to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, just in case you missed it.) Unfortunately, as we all know, life just doesn’t work that way. It’s not that I’m in a crabby, single-child, spoiled, entitled place; but I have these visions and goals that are constantly swirling around in my mind, and sometimes timing and circumstance just don’t coincide to “laying that golden egg.”

Last summer I met George, Co-Owner of Market Loyal, at our United States Personal Chef Association Conference. I had been so proud of building my own website and growing my business, all by myself, over the past 4 years. George opened my eyes to the world of all things SEO and offered to help me rebrand from Lavish to Lite Bites, to Lavish Cuisine.

When I chose to name my company Lavish to Lite Bites in February of 2012, it encompassed everything I wanted to portray to future clients. Over the last four years, my clients have told me that Lavish to Lite Bites is a mouthful (pun always intended). Rebranding under Lavish Cuisine and creating a new website are the first two steps in the direction of all the visions and goals I have in mind for my dream food business.

Please “subscribe” to my blog so we can keep in touch. And let me know if you need any Personal Chef Services in or around San Antonio, or on your travels. I love being a Personal Chef and I look forward to providing you with a lavish dining experience in the near future. Lavish Cuisine has you covered when it comes to “all things food-related.”