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This past weekend we helped a family celebrate the big 6-0 with a totally lavish menu. – At the end of December I received a call from a friendly woman wanting information on our personal chef services for a small dinner party in late January. Her husband was going to be celebrating his 60th birthday, […]

I’ve been providing weekly meal service for Ms. Barbara for 8 1/2 years. She’s become like family to us. Yesterday was her birthday. Typically I invite her out for a nice meal on her birthday. She doesn’t feel safe dining out right now, so I made her dinner at my house instead. She requested a […]

What do you do when your guests really want S’mores, but you really don’t feel like making a whole bonfire just for a few bites of dessert? Got a blowtorch? 🙂 We pulled out the torch that I ordinarily use for créme brûlée and that did the job! It was actually my daughter’s idea. Good […]