Want S’mores? A San Antonio Dinner to Be Remembered

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What do you do when your guests really want S’mores, but you really don’t feel like making a whole bonfire just for a few bites of dessert? Got a blowtorch? 🙂 We pulled out the torch that I ordinarily use for créme brûlée and that did the job! It was actually my daughter’s idea. Good thinking, Laura!

Last night Laura asked if I could prepare a special “cheffy” meal for one of her close friends. Laura’s signature dish has become green beans with a lot of garlic and a lot of red pepper flakes, so she made our vegetable component. The green beans accompanied medium-rare Angus beef tenderloin filets topped with a white wine mushroom sauce and pan-seared colossal shrimp, over smashed Yukon gold potatoes with gruyere cheese.
It was nice to sit down at my table and eat a delicious meal similar to one I serve guests at dinner party jobs, while catching up on all things girly and 21-ish. And the girls did the dishes!  Winner Wednesday dinner.
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