It’s a Frittata!

Open the refrigerator. Seriously. Open it. Do you have eggs? Cheese? Some lonely vegetable in the vegetable drawer? You’ve got a gourmet meal waiting to happen! How does my mind work? Honestly, I don’t know. Today after I left a client’s house the hubba-hubba firemen were at the corner of Braun and 1604 holding out […]

Fishy Fish & Other Fish No Nos (And a couple easy fish recipes)

Let’s talk fish:  not the pretty ones living in the saltwater aquarium that cause me such angst when my husband is traveling & I’m charge of keeping them alive, but the ones you dream of finding perfectly cooked and seasoned on your dinner plate. The majority of my conversations as of late revolve around food and recipes. […]

Meat and Potatoes, with a Southwestern Twist

This afternoon I was rummaging through the refrigerator, especially the vegetable bins, and decided I needed to cook some of those veggies STAT. I found a pound of ground beef in the freezer and threw it in the microwave to defrost it while I dug around in the pantry. There was half a bag of […]