Becoming a Personal Chef

  Last July I lost my job.¬† I worked for a company that demanded a lot, paid well, left me sleep-deprived and juggling working from home and managing my family. Although all my friends had been telling me for years to find another job, I was scared. The first week of July the phone call […]

Zesty Agave-Dijon Dressing

While my mom was here visiting in May she wanted to participate in all my kitchen activities to learn new recipes, gather new ideas, and push her cooking out of her normal routine. She has called me several times since she returned home to share her exciting dinner success stories and her not-so-exciting attempts to […]

Seafood Jambalaya

I’ve read over and over again that, when planning a dinner party, you should never try a new recipe. I guess I have taken that advice in one way: I don’t try “a” new recipe, everything served at dinner is usually a new recipe. Well, I am in the business of food and the only way to know […]