A Facebook Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to Lavish to Lite Bites Facebook Page!

One year ago today I sat on my bed, logged onto Facebook, and created a business page for Lavish to Lite Bites.

I had NO idea what I was doing, where I was headed, or what I still needed to do to make this REAL. But I knew that making some public announcement would force me to be accountable to all my Facebook friends and go through every step to make my dream become real.

Throughout this month I will be going down a mini-memory-walk of this past year. As I sit here tonight I am really amazed at how far my business has come in this past year. I have also been using the “stuck in trraffic” time to turn off the radio and sit in the quiet of my car to reflect. Traffic doesn’t seem so bad when you are recounting happy memories.

Spoiler Alert: I LOVE MY BUSINESS! I wouldn’t go back and UNDO any of this!