Traveling Chef

Lavish Cuisine: Your Local Personal & Traveling Chef

You lead an extremely busy life and need all the help you can get. That’s where we come in. As personal chefs, we can take some of the load off by creating delicious meal plans and then taking care of the shopping, the cooking, and the clean up.

An added bonus: we offer traveling chef services.

2 Benefits of Having a Traveling Chef on Your Team

Why should you hire a chef who is willing to travel? Consider the following two reasons.

1. You Don’t Have To Be Confined to Your Home

When most people think about hiring a personal chef, they imagine someone coming to their home to prepare meals. While we do this, we can do so much more. We can meet you at your corporate retreat, your vacation spot, or anywhere you want a delicious meal – Lavish Cuisine will come to you. And, our travels often inspire us to create even more unique menu options.

2. A Traveling Chef Is Often a More Affordable Option

When most of our clients are on the road, they end up going out for just about every meal. This can quickly add up. A more affordable option: hire us. We can meet you at your destination and provide the healthy, delicious meals you crave, all without breaking the bank.

Lavish Cuisine: Providing Everything You Need, Including a Traveling Chef

At Lavish Cuisine, we want to accommodate our clients as best we can. One way we do this is by providing traveling services. Whether you want us to come to your home meet you out of town – we will make it happen!