Stopping To Smell The Coffee

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There is no complaint or negative emotion associated with the reply my friends receive when they ask me, “How are you? How have you been?” My reply is, “BUSY! Lots of work!” Doesn’t every owner of a company long to be overwhelmed with work?

This morning I found myself attempting to guzzle my hot coffee, looking for the caffeine result instead of enjoying the experience. So I forced myself to sit down for a few minutes, to feel the warmth of the porcelain mug wrapped inside my hands, to smell the rich French roast, to savor the flavors as they coat my tongue…

…and the warmth of the coffee as it pours down the front of my shirt because I lack the caffeine necessary to guide the mug completely to my mouth. Okay, now I’m late & I’m back to guzzling the remainder of my coffee so I have time to change my shirt & get to my appointment on time. I tried! Maybe tomorrow I’ll slow down to smell the coffee….

Wishing you all a Friday full of delicious, fresh food shared with family and friends,


Chef Catherine

Personal Chef

Certified Food Safety Manager


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