In-Home Entertaining

In-Home Entertaining

Be a guest at your own party! Our mission is to provide lavish, customized food experiences for you and your guests.

We hear over and over again from our clients that they LOVE to entertain in the comfort of their home. Well, they love all the parts of entertaining except the grocery shopping, cooking, serving and cleaning up afterward.

Take all the worries out of hosting a party in your home. Catherine will ask you to close your eyes, envision your event, and ask you questions to help her “jump inside your mind” to meet your vision for your event. Sample questions are: What are your guests wearing? What music is playing? How is the table set? What food do you see yourself eating? Once your “vision” is communicated, menu suggestions will be discussed with you, according to your budget. We will prepare food on-site, serve, and take care of the entire cleanup. We can also assist you with invitations, rentals (linens, china, silverware, tables, tents, etc.), flowers, décor, signature cocktail recipes, and wine pairing recommendations. All menus are customized to your specific event and budget. Because we’re in the business of being “PERSONAL” Chefs, we are able to create menus that all guests can enjoy, regardless of dietary needs and food allergies.

Romantic Dinner for 2Lavish Cuisine can help you celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion in the intimacy and comfort of your own home. We have replicated “first date” menus, wedding menus, and menus composed of all favorite dishes that are difficult to find in local restaurants. Learn more.

Plated Dinners for 3 to 50 Guests: If you’d like a more formal dining experience, we offer plated multicourse meals. Clients often enjoy starting the evening with a casual “happy hour” over appetizers while we are in the kitchen preparing your meal. We will beautifully plate each remaining course and serve it to you at the table. We are happy to make wine recommendations to pair with each course. Chef Catherine will introduce each course as it is served. Our staff will provide a lavish, unhurried dining experience.

Tasting MenusTasting Menu Dinner Parties are definitely geared toward the “foodies.” Tasting menus are multicourse dinners, served in small portions over the course of a couple hours, with an average of 8-12 different plates of food being served. This is a chance to sample hard-to-find ingredients, showcase the foods of a specific region, take a quick trip around the world through international cuisines, or focus on a few ingredients prepared in many different ways.

Wine-Tasting Events: For the oenophile, sharing your collection and knowledge of wines with friends is reason enough to host a gathering. We are happy to create “nibbles” as you sip, or full tasting menus to highlight your wines. If you’re more of a neophyte, we are happy to help you plan not only the food pairings, but also make suggestions to introduce your friends to regions or varietals of wines.

Beer-Tasting Events: Wine is to Oenophile as Beer is to Zythophile. There has been a dramatic boom over the past few years in craft beers, beer flights, and beer-tasting events. If you’d like to wow your guests with favorite selection of beers, we’ll wow them with complementary food selections.

 Buffet for up to 150 Guests:  Buffets are ideal for less formal dining occasions and larger parties. Lavish Cuisine will provide beautiful chafing dishes and platters filled with freshly prepared salads, entrees and desserts, refreshed throughout your event. Guests can serve themselves, or our staff can portion and plate the food on guest’s plates. We also offer “Chef Action Stations,” such as Quesadilla Station, Omelet Station, Stir-Fry, and Pasta.
Cocktail Parties/Butler-Passed Hors d’oeuvres: Guests can mingle and enjoy perfect bite-sized snacks. Lavish Cuisine offers stationary buffets, passed hors d’oeuvres, or a combination to suit your specific vision for the gathering. No frozen packaged foods here, everything is prepared on the day of your event. We also offer “Chef Action Stations,” such as Quesadilla Station, Omelet, Stir-Fry, and Pasta. 
Interactive Cooking Parties: If you’d like to break out of the typical dinner party mold, you could host an Interactive Dinner Party, Cooking Class Party or Iron Chef Competition. Where do guests tend to congregate during informal food-based events? The kitchen! Many times, guests venture into the kitchen while we are preparing dinner and ask cooking-related questions. With an Interactive Cooking Party, your guests have the opportunity to don an apron and be involved in preparing a portion of the menu; think FUN COOKING CLASS. We will complete the cooking and take care of serving and cleanup. At the end of the evening, your guests will receive recipes for each dish prepared at your party.
Children’s Cooking Parties: Catherine has a background in early child education. Teaching cooking classes for children is second nature! Kids love to be in the kitchen, measuring and mixing, learning new skills, and eating their culinary creations. Cooking parties are customized according to the age and skill level of the guests, and the timeframe of the party.
Invisible Chef Dinner Parties: We also offer “Invisible Chef Services.” We grocery shop, prepare everything and disappear before your guests arrive. It’ll be our little secret!
Individual or Small-Group Cooking Lessons: Is there a cuisine you’d like to learn to create at home or a cooking related skill that intimidates you? Each class is created uniquely for you. Cooking Classes run approximately 2.5 hours and can be built for individuals or groups.
Corporate Team Building: 
Get to know your co-workers in a completely different realm: team building through cooking. You provide a kitchen, and we take care of all the other details, down to the aprons and cutting boards. Your team members will bond over mixing bowls and cooking challenges, and be rewarded by eating the products of their feats
Corporate Retreat Chef: 
Allow us to take care of all your dining needs (breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and dessert) during your corporate retreats.
Traveling Chef: Catherine has experience traveling as a “private” chef for family vacations, out of town celebrations and business trips. Catherine holds a valid passport for international travel.