Create a Romantic Dinner for Two – In the Comfort of Your Own Home

A romantic dinner for two is one of the most intimate ways in which a couple can celebrate a special occasion. The downside to going to a restaurant is having to share that special moment with the waiter, busboy, and dozens of other diners around you. Lavish Cuisine provides the perfect solution with our selection of romantic dinner for two menus.

Having a romantic dinner for two catered by a personal chef gives you that restaurant convenience, without the inconvenience of having to go to the restaurant. The personal chef does all the shopping and cooking required to make the special meal, leaving you with nothing else to do but enjoy your dinner – and the company you’re with.

For an in-home romantic dinner for two, we’ve created an array of special menus. Choose a “first date” meal, or pick an entrée that you typically can only enjoy at a special event. Comfort foods and favorites that are not normally found in local restaurants are also available. This makes it simple to customize a romantic dinner for two right at your own table.

As your personal chef, your dining experience will be treated with care and professionalism. A menu is chosen that you will love, fresh ingredients are purchased, and the plates cooked right in your own kitchen. We can even arrange to serve you your romantic dinner, and clean up the mess afterward. This is fine dining at its finest, giving you the intimate setting you crave to love your meal, and your date.

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