Learning Curve

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I’ve been on a steep learning curve hike for the past week. My website host, GoDaddy, informed me that they were doing away with my QuickBlog and that I either needed to upgrade to WordPress and migrate my archived blogs, or I would lose all the blogs I had written since I started my business. I had one week to deal with this news. It felt like a major CRISIS! My first thought was, “ACK! I don’t have time for this and I don’t have ANY clue how to do this. I’ll just lose them and start fresh.” In typical “me” fashion, I posted about it on Facebook. Several previous clients and friends replied to my post telling me NOT to lose my old blogs. After several (several x too many) hours of attempting, and partially succeeding, to save my old blog posts and get them onto my newly created blog, I accepted help.  (I know I get my stubborn “I can do anything I put my mind to” streak from my father.) A previous client accepted my offer to barter and came to my rescue. In much less time than I had already allotted to this task, he took over and got me all set up.  I’ll be making some declicious meals for him and his family with all the gratitude I can mix into them.

Change is sometimes hard. Admitting that I need help is even harder. I love a good challenge, but I knew that this “simple” process (according to the directions in the email I received from GoDaddy) was completely outside of my areas of strength. As an entrepreneur, I am constantly stepping outside of my comfort zone to run and grow my business. This whole process reminded me that we have all been given strengths, talents and abilities that, used appropriately, make life better for ourselves and others. It also reminded me of “life lessons” I used to preach to my first graders when I was teaching elementary school. “What’s easy for you, might be terribly difficult for someone else.” If you need help in the kitchen, I’m your gal. If you need help with codes and computer language, not so much. Sometimes we need humbling experiences and steep learning curves to regain perspective.

I’m climbing out of the land of computer and heading back to my happy space in the kitchen!