Cooking, blogging and me – finding time to do it all

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During my blogging absence I have been all over San Antonio cooking! Intimate dinners, family meals, parties – new adventures daily. I love meeting and feeding so many people! 

Yesterday morning the temperature was a little cool and I went to the grocery store with a hoodie on instead of my chef jacket. Three HEB store employees asked me, “Do you have the day off today?” I laughed and told them, “No. I actually have two cooking jobs today. I’m just shopping for the first one out of uniform.” 16 containers of food and a full refrigerator/freezer for my client later I zipped home to get my little guy off the school bus.

Yesterday afternoon I did have my chef jacket on for the second trip to a grocery store. My client was driving by as I was walking into Whole Foods and she stopped her car to say hello and tell me she was looking forward to dinner. As I walked around the produce department and peeked at what was available in the seafood department, my menu came together. (I’ve never seen such huge parsley leaves, so I knew parsley was going to be featured!) An hour later, I was placing a delicious, fresh seafood dinner of halibut and shrimp in a lemon parsley sauce with sauteed spinach, steamed asparagus and wild rice pilaf on my client’s table.

I returned home to find my husband completing dinner preparation for our family’s meal. We sat down as a family to talk about highlights of our day. I was supposed to send out menus to clients last night, but after sitting down finally, I just wanted to relax.

This morning I am putting myself on kitchen restriction to work on updating my website, post new pictures of food, send out menu proposals to clients, and take care of paperwork. It takes great self-control to make myself sit here. So I guess I better get busy.

I was greatly rewarded by sitting down to update my website when I came across this review on Yelp from a recent client.

And now, back to the non-cooking-side of the business!